As a seasoned professional, my approach to sales and marketing incorporates both creative and strategic thinking. Taking pride in leading alongside my team, my strategies are built on collaboration, flexibility and problem solving. Over the past ten years, I’ve established

myself as a leader who passionately seeks opportunities for growth and innovation. My experience—combined with strong industry relationships, an eye for detail and successful brand building—yields a proven track record for driving sales and creating community.

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I'm a collaborator and proponent of action 


An Entreprenual  
Spirit in Tradeshows.

Listen to Edwina Kulego on leadership, the future of trade shows and adapting to Covid-19.  She is vice president of Liberty Fairs, a men's contemporary fashion trade event going live August 17th. Edwina is also founder and CEO of Essentials by Edwina, a vegan, make-up collection designed for women of color.

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VP of Liberty Fairs


Passionate  Entrepreneur

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Published Co-Writer