Hero Highlight – The Corporate Minority “How I Used My Will To Overcome To Succeed’

I grew up in what’s considered one of the most stable countries in the world, Sweden. My parents immigrated from Ghana in the early 80’s in order to provide a better life for us. I am very grateful for the childhood I had in Sweden but always knew that I would eventually leave in order to live a “ Bigger Life.” Because of Sweden’s socialist structure, I felt that entrepreneurship and personal success wasn’t always encouraged or celebrated. There is even a law called The Law of Jante ( Jantelagen) that describes this ideology. I had very high aspirations in comparison to some of my peers so moving to New York was a strategic plan. After starting college I quickly learned the importance of networking and gaining experience through internships. I began doing internships way before my official “Internship Course” and that was honestly one of the most important things I did during college. I had the pleasure of working for Andy Hilfiger at Tommy Hilfiger, Essence Magazine’s Fashion Department and my mentor Sharifa Murdock before landing my first job at PROJECT Trade Show….

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