Leading Ladies Africa Interview – “Set goals. Examine your surroundings. Take risks.” Edwina Kulego

A hybrid of many cultures, Edwina Kulego, then aged 19, moved from Sweden to the United States with the sole intention of pursuing a career in fashion and business. 10 years later, this incredible woman has worked with major fashion brands, and has become a formidable force in the world of fashion and retailing. In this interview, Edwina talks us through her major career milestones and what’s next for her. We hope it leaves you inspired.

Introduce us to Edwina Kulego and what she does?

Edwina Kulego is a travel enthusiast who blends the two dynamic worlds of International Business and Fashion into her own realm. Born in Sweden to Ghanian parents Edwina is a hybrid of many cultures which enables her to see the world through many different lenses.

I currently manage International Business Development for the largest Fashion Trade Show organizer in the US, UBM Fashion. This role includes helping international fashion brands create pathways into the US market. I am also building my own brand Edwina Kulego and diving into entrepreneurship through public speaking and collaborations. It’s really exciting!

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