Celebrate Edwina’s 30th Birthday with The GLP

Dear friends and family,

I’m celebrating my 30th birthday this Friday, and to mark the occasion I’ve decided to donate my birthday to the educational nonprofit, Global Language Project. Global Language Project is an organization that is close to my heart, and I’ve had the joy of serving as a GLP Board Member since 2016. My family is growing this year, and I’m thinking more and more about the important role that world languages will play in my child’s education.

As many of you know, I am extremely passionate about the power of languages and being multilingual. GLP develops elementary level resources for the study of Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish, reaching classrooms nationwide, and supports world language teachers and students in the City of New York by providing innovative teacher training programs for instructors. So far in the 2017-18 school year GLP has directly worked with 287 teachers, impacting the lives of approximately 43,050 students!

Your gift provides critical exposure to world culture and language instruction that has been proven to greatly improve students’ overall cognitive functions, positively impact their standardized test scores, and positions them to compete in today’s globalized workforce.

Together we can impact the lives of young language learners!
Love, Edwina

Donate here: www.edwinas30th.raisley.com

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